Phelps Family Medicine – The Family Medicine Residency program at Phelps Hospital is a ground breaking medical program that trains doctors for the medical needs of the future. Phelps Hospital has partnered with New York Medical College and the Open Door Clinic to train resident doctors with innovative programs that address the needs of under served populations. Many people are too poor or are unable to get to a doctor when they need one most.  The Phelps Family Residency program provides Phelps Hospital residents with hands on training at Sleepy Hollow’s Open Door clinic where many of the community’s poor and home bound elderly seek care.  Media Stream created a video that demonstrated this residency specialty and what it means to the residents who are part of the Phelps Family Medicine Residency program. This video was part of a video campaign for the Phelps Residency.  The campaign was awarded a Golden Aster Award in Healthcare Advertising.  Phelps Hospital prides itself in being a Community Hospital that serves a wide range of people throughout Westchester County, New York.