Corporate Video – Albany Media Stream

Corporate video is a Media Stream specialty our services include scripting, casting, editing, video streaming and on-site corporate video production. If you own or manage a business getting your company’s message across to the people you need to reach is a major priority. Studies show that you have a better chance of communicating your message when it is delivered using a medium like video. Having a video that you can use at a trade show or conference is one of the best ways to deliver important information about your company.  Having a video on your website will also help separate you from your competition by giving you added credibility and visibility in today’s digital market place. If properly designed it will motivate customers to pick up the phone and call you to find out more about your business or service. It’s a well known that video content will also increase your SEO ranking on the internet making it easier for customers to find you when they search for categories related to your business. The same professionally produced video can also be repurposed for additional uses and linked to social media sites furthering your company’s reach across the internet. On every video project Media Stream will work with you throughout the digital video production process to ensure that all your marketing goals are met. Here’s a link to some corporate video production that demonstrate our work.  Call today for a free quote and consultation.