Media Stream Testimonials

Media Stream is an Albany video company that takes pride in exceeding our client’s expectations when it comes to video production. Our video services include scripting, casting, editing, video streaming and on-site corporate video production. Media Stream understands how important creative, cost-effective solutions are to companies who depend on digital media production for their business. Our professional experience with today’s ever changing technology allows us to deliver creative digital media solutions for broadcast, internet streaming and the mobile media market place. Below are comments from some of our satisfied customers.

Media Stream went above and beyond and created an incredible “day in the life video” for our office and we couldn’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend Media Stream for any of your video production needs!

Todd Burris, Attorney – Burris Law

Todd Burris, Attorney - Burris Law
“It was great working with John Heaney and his team, he is a focused, talented film maker who was able to capture the essence of our preserve: it’s beauty and the benefits everyone receives from its carriage road system. As President of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, I appreciate all the work John and Media Stream have done in promoting the preserve and helping to continue my family’s original wish that it be made available for everyone to enjoy”

Clare Pierson – President, Friends of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Clare Pierson - President Friends of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve
John and his videographer do great work, are professional and easy to communicate with. We at MultiSeat Inc highly recommend them!

Richard Birch, President MultiSeat

Richard Birch, President MultiSeat
Having worked with with John numerous New York City-based projects as well as a 3-month job out of state I can say that one of the highlights was working with John in coordinating a 16-hour location shoot in New York’s Soho district on a very hot and busy Friday for clothier Marsh’s of Huntington Village. We had 8 company moves and when all was said and done John was able to cut 16 spots of the material. The Marsh’s executives were so impressed with the ease in which we handled this ambitious schedule that it led to additional out of state shoots for Marsh’s and John.

Richard Sirianni, Partner/Writer/Producer – Ensemble Audio Studios

Richard Sirianni
John is a knowledgeable, insightful and visionary professional that brings a wealth of experience to any scenario. His detail-oriented work ethic demands a keen sense for staying within budget, meeting or exceeding deadline, and is adaptable to the ever changing needs of clients and colleagues. I highly recommend John for any and all projects that require his expertise.

Paul Mertzluft, Media Buyer

Paul Mertzluft - Media Buyer
I worked with John for several years on all of Saint Francis Hospital and Health Center’s TV commercials and Foundation videos. The results were always exceptional. We won quite a few awards together for TV commercials as well as 5-7 minute long format videos. I highly recommend those who are interested in film to work with John and the crew at Media Stream.

Greg Zurawick, Marketing Manager at Cornerstone Family Health Centers

Greg Zurawick, Marketing Director
I have worked with John for over two years and am constantly amazed at how he can create a concept out of thin air, write and produce that same concept — and finally film and edit that concept –all on Time and Below Budget —- in fact, I have been working with John when he has perform this hat trick — in one week. John is the original “Go Too” guy. I have worked at NBC Corp.,MTV and owned my own production company,as well as the documentarian Alex Gibney — I have always said “if I had two more like John —I could rule the world

Keefe Werner – Retired

Keefe Werner, Retired
We had a lot riding on this project, and needed an expert to bring together the right group of craftsmen and techs to pull it off. Shooting in high def, more than 150 underground in a cave, didn’t phase John Heaney in the least. When we saw the footage we knew John had nailed it for us. When we saw the edits, we knew the client would be psyched. Our final products (broadcast :30’s, cinema cuts, and long form) were some of the best work we’ve done in a while. Bringing John in on the next project will be an easy decision.

Patrick Reilly – Head of Marketing, Auto/Mate

Patrick Reilly - Head of Marketing Auto/Mate