Hospital Fundraising is a Media Stream specialty. Media Stream has won numerous awards producing videos that bring home the importance of supporting community hospitals and the people who work for them.  “Maureen’s Story” reenacts the serious accident that happened to Maureen Breyfogel while at home. The emergency service team at Nyack Hospital came to her rescue and prevented a serious injury from becoming much worse for her and her young family. The expert care Maureen received made a difference in her life and was made possible by the hospital fundraising efforts of the Nyack Hospital Foundation.

The “Maureen’s Story” video was also part of a public outreach campaign to raise awareness within the Nyack Community to the excellent services found at the hospital. The Nyack Hospital Foundation used the video to help raise funds for the hospital. The Nyack Hospital Foundation is dedicated to bringing the best medical services to the community. The foundation  accepts contributions from individuals, corporations and organizations interested in supporting the programs and services found at the hospital. Gifts to Nyack Hospital are made through the Foundation and can be made in a variety of ways, including online, by mail, or by phone.